WHO WE ARE TMA works across the country in 26 regions across all levels using mentorship approach to deliver to the community Speedy Finance Saccoss System The Honorable Minister visits the TMA SPEEDY FINANCES TRANING Tanzania Mentors Action has developed Speedy Finances solutions to help Saccos in Tanzania in managerial and administration activities TMA Saccos Tanzania Mentors Team at TMA Saccoss Meeting

TMA Plans


Since its establishment, TMA have develope 2 strategic plans namely the first five years strategic plan 2017-2023 and four years strategic Plan 2019-2023 . In addition . TMA have developed the following operations plans 1. January to December 2013 through 2021


Strategic plan 2017-2022

can be found here


Year Document  
2017 2017 Document  
2018 2018 Document  
2019 2019 Document  
2020 2019 Document  
2021 202  





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