WHO WE ARE TMA works across the country in 26 regions across all levels using mentorship approach to deliver to the community Speedy Finance Saccoss System The Honorable Minister visits the TMA SPEEDY FINANCES TRANING Tanzania Mentors Action has developed Speedy Finances solutions to help Saccos in Tanzania in managerial and administration activities TMA Saccos Tanzania Mentors Team at TMA Saccoss Meeting

Who we are


“A society that upholds excellence in service delivery in all spheres of life”


”To empower leaders and service providers to deliver quality services by promoting accountability and demand driven services through mentorship” 

Our Values

Excellence: We are committed to providing services that are distinctive and of high quality.

Innovation: We are innovative in our designs and operations, using technology and modern ways of doing business to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer.

Integrity: We value high character with impeccable levels of integrity for all individual members, office bearers and staff of TMA, in and outside TMA programming or governance processes being a prerequisite.

Commitment: We are fully committed to all our pledges, promises and engagements.

Respect:We accord due regard to the feelings, wishes, and rights of others.

Transparency: To be transparent to our members, staff and stakeholders in all we do.

Accountability: To be guided by the highest possible standards of internal and external accountability to all our stakeholders and to comply with all statutory requirements for accountability.

Equality: We believe that all human beings are equal in dignity and before the law.

Gender Sensitive: We are sensitive to gender needs and understand that equality is not the same as uniformity.

Diversity: We cherish and respect diversity in terms of culture, religion, political opinion, social origin and style of doing things provided the said diversity does not infringe the law.


"Strengthern both Public and Private Systems"


Our history

  • Humble beginning figure
  • Certificate of Registration (link)

Tanzania Mentors Action (TMA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Dodoma with a sub-office in Dar es Salaam. TMA was founded and originally incorporated in 2013 under the Companies Act, Chapter 212 of the laws of Tanzania as a company without shares limited by guarantee. Following governmental restructuring during 2019, TMA was duly registered under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) and the terms and condition of Non-Governmental Organization Act of 2002 that was given the Registration number ooNGO/R2/000156. To see TMA profile click here.

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